Welcome to O’s Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap & Boutique.  At O’s Soap & Boutique, our products are handcrafted to provide you with products of the highest quality, from our soaps to bath accessories to our incense.  Since 2007, O’s Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap & Boutique has been a family owned and operated business. Our soap is handmade in Fruitland, Idaho.   Currently, (08-20-22) O' Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap is using fresh, raw goat milk from Treasured Sunrise Acres, Parma, Idaho, in all their products.  This family owned goat farm (my heroes!) provides the absolutely best raw and pasturized goat milk anywhere I have found.  Check them out! Treasured Sunrise Acres rocks!!!

***UPDATE, AUGUST 20, 2020  O's Soap is back at the Nampa Farmers' Market on 08-22-20

Additionally, Oprah, Ruby and Daphne are currently retired and living a life of retirement luxury in southwestern Idaho.  The below information  is where we started  in  2007....

"O" (known as Oprah in her daily life), is an Alpine/Saanen cross-breed of Swiss dairy goats and Oprah’s best girlfriend, Ruby, is a purebred Nubian. They live a life of luxury in Fruitland, Idaho.

Oprah and Ruby are hand-milked daily.  Historians contend that a goat milk bath was a vital part of Cleopatra’s daily beauty regime.  Goat milk is naturally homogenized—the fat does not readily separate from the milk.  Goat milk is a product that naturally nourishes your skin.  Our goat milk is made into yogurt and then used as the liquid base in the soap-making process.  Our yogurt produces a rich and creamy, long-lasting lather like no other soap you have tried.

Join us at O’s Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap & Boutique to find just exactly what you need! To learn more about O's unique line of soaps and personal care products, check out our store! 

Keep checking back, as we will be adding new products to our inventory.  Some of our upcoming projects include goat milk lotion, liquid goat milk soaps, hair pomades and bath salts.

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Natural Ingredients



Family Owned & Operated



Oprah, Ruby and Daphne are the core of our business.  Without them, O’s Soap would not exist.   Back in 2006, we acquired  dairy goats because of a lactose-intolerant family member.  An over-abundance of goat milk started our journey making goat milk soap.  We were drinking goat milk and making a variety of goat milk cheeses and other edibles and needed another way to use up the milk. 


An ISDA permit is required to be able to sell the milk and cheese.  Since we do not have the facilities to become licensed, another way to dispose of the milk needed to be found. Researching through goat industry publications and web sites,we found the information and recipes for making soap. 


Over the years