Our Soap Socks are hand-sewn from tulle in a variety of colors.  All you need to do is open the soap sock, drop in an unwrapped bar of our soap and close the soap sock, securing it with the cord stopper.  Your soap sock is now ready for use.  Your soap is safely contained in the soap sock and won’t go flying out of your hand when wet—just get your soap and soap sock wet and you are ready to scrub head-to-toe.  When you finish your bath, hang your soap sock on a hook and let it dry.  Letting your soap dry and not sit in a puddle of water prolongs the life of any soap (yes, even store-bought soaps will melt into a slimy blob if allowed to remain wet).


Soap socks can be purchased individually in our store, where you can choose your favorite color.  There may be slight variations in color shades.  The pull-cord and cord stopper colors may be different than shown.


If you buy 3 bars of regular price soap, you'll be sent a FREE SOAP SOCK (our choice of color).

Soap Socks

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