Choose from the following scents - (fragrance oil descriptions provided by manufacturer.  Not all fragrance are pictured.)


Southern Belle, 4.1 oz, A fruity floral combination consisting of magnolia blossoms, apple, peach, strawberry, jasmine, rose, raspberry and lavender. A southern sensation!


Sweet Pea, 4.1 oz, These charming flowers are unique among garden flowers with their vivid colors, fragrance, and length of bloom. They have an air of romance about them in their captivating fragrance and appearance. notes of fresh floral, floral apple, lily of the valley, with nuances of grape, and heart notes of rose, gardenia, carnation, and violet.



Gardenia, 4.0 oz, - The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top notes of fresh green leaves and tuberose. The heart of the fragrance is a gardenia that truly captures the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower.


Red Roses, 4.1 oz., - Imagine a rose garden--lush, redolent, and full of the classic scent of tea rose.  This fragrance oil is true to the Red Rose fragrance you remember and love.


Cinnamon Apple Peach, 4.0 oz-  If you love the smell of cinnamon, but sometimes find some oils too strong and lacking the depth and layering, this scent is perfect for you! A warm blend of freshly picked apples on a subtle, yet lilting, peach background, this scent is one that draws you back again and again.


Black Raspberry Vanilla, 4.2 oz., Fresh, vine-ripened raspberries and blackberry notes are mixed with Italian bergamot, California Barlett pear and softened with notes of plum wine, vanilla orchid and a silky, cashmere musk. Overall, it's sweet, silky and mouth-watering.


Monkey Farts, 4.1 oz, Don't let the name stop you from ordering this fragrance.  Imagine strawberries and bananas, combined with other soft floral scents, and you have Monkey Farts.  


Earthen Oak, 4.3 oz, Imagine vanilla bourbon aged in an old oak barrel, embodied by cedarwood and patchouli, softened by amber and a touch of sandalwood.  This is a warm and cozy fragrance.


Vanilla Cream, 4.3 oz, You may be tempted to pour this directly into your coffee, but please don’t! Instead, have this soap for the rich, heavenly scent of cream-laden vanilla with no harsh or too-sweet edges. Marvelous!



Fragrance Oils

  • Our fragrance oil soaps are made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, goat milk yogurt, pomace olive oil, safflower oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) and fragrance oil.

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